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Namastee, My name is Navin, father to two beautiful children Ere & Esha. Welcome to Manglessi Early Learning, for over 25 years I have been working in the Educational industry at various roles. I believe my dedication to the industry has made a significant difference in Children lives.

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Offer your child a lovely, caring, and playable environmental child care centre.

If you find yourself here after searching for an early learning centre near me or child care centres near me, then you have reached the right spot. Manglesii Early Learning can help your kid get the best start in their life. Manglesii Early Learning is family owned and operated, offering care and education in a more lovely, caring, and playable environment.

We strongly believe that toddlers’ small brains are innocent, successful, and innovative, and have the capability to learn quickly, be it through small gestures or playing games. Kids every day always strive to learn new things, and we meet your kids’ requirements. Consider Manglesii Early Learning Center if you are looking for an early learning centre to give your children a good start in life.

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Education and Learning

All children are encouraged to participate in experiences and are provided with equitable opportunities to learn and explore their environment and surroundings.

Healthy Meals

We are an allergy-aware center and provide menus that cater to a variety of allergies and lifestyle choices including vegetarian and vegan.


Child Safety

Our clean and hygienic environments provide our children with a safe place to learn and play. Maintaining strict COVID Management strategies during the pandemic.


Relationships with children and families

Our educators nurture respectful relationships with our children. Involving parents and carers at all times to ensure we get to know exactly what each child’s individual requirements are.

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What services do we offer?

At the Manglesii Early Learning Center, all we want to see are the priceless smiles of small children and the overwhelming happiness of their parents. In order to achieve our vision, we are making available the following services at our early learning centre:

  • Long Day Care: Long Day Care is an early childhood education and care service that is available all day for children ages birth to five years old. An early learning centre incorporates a kindergarten or preschool programme as part of its long-day care.
  • Out of School Hours Care: Out of school hours care services provide primary school-aged children with care, play, and learning before and after school, during regular school holidays, and on free days.
  • Preschool: preschool is one of the most popular options available to parents at early learning centres. A preschool programme is designed for kids aged 3 to 5 to prepare them strongly for full-time school.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact our friendly staff. Under our supervision, we ensure your toddler will be in the most creative and secure environment possible.

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One Early Learning Centre Serving All

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Lunch Meal

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Bus Transport

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Creative Class

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Before & After School Program Care


Rest Time

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Special Teacher

Advantages of an early learning centre for parents and kids

Early childhood education from an early learning centre is something that is highly beneficial for both parents and their kids. Early learning centres are the perfect choice for parents to meet today’s lifestyle.

For your children:

  • The right age to start learning: In the first five years of your toddler’s life, their energy and grasping power are skyrocketing, and their growth and development happen very quickly. Your child will develop social, emotional, mental, physical, and cognitive skills if you enrol them in child care in samson.
  • Better communication: When you enrol your child in child care Cannington, they attempt to store what they see, hear, and observe in their subconscious minds, resulting in the desired growth and nurturing.They attempt to imitate what they have been taught as well as sign language.
  • Fun activities: Child care makes sure your children never get bored. Early learning centres offer a variety of fun activities to keep children entertained throughout the day, such as games, puzzles, paintings, sign language lessons, and colour differentiation.

For parents:

  • No Compromise in Your Career: If both husband and wife have career ambitions, then kids should not become obstacles to achieving their dreams. A small break from work due to having children is understandable, but completely giving up and compromising your career for children will make you regret it later; instead, you can choose child care in Cannington WA.
  • Independence and Self-Engagement: Below 6 years old, kids are too emotionally dependent on their parents. Parenting, handling household chores, and managing office work can be stressful and quite challenging. Daily, several activities that were taught by child care in Cannington WA, make children disciplined and independent while playing, resulting in free time for parents.
  • Happy family: It is quite common to see misunderstandings between couples because of the responsibilities of a child. This often causes distress and clashes between couples. Parenting for the first time can be difficult for both husband and wife, but getting help from child care can make your life easier and ultimately lead to a happy family.

Ready to get started?

At Manglesii Early Learning Centre, we have a responsibility to provide a professional and personalised service to all the families that attend the centre.

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How we are special compared to others

  • Manglesii Early Learning Center has years of experience taking care of children very well. So we are the perfect choice for parents to take care of their kids.
  • We incorporate funny activities, games, small puzzles, and finding colours in our child care programme to ensure your child never gets bored.
  • Our top priority is to provide child care in a secure, safe, and amusing and creative environment. Our child care facility is under the protection of CCTV.

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Creative Extra Class

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Crafting Session

Many parents dread the idea of doing craft activities with young children or toddlers because of the mess and the serious parental input that is absolutely essential.

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Drawing Session

These art classes are designed for anyone interested in gaining a fuller understanding and appreciation of fine art. Over 6 weeks you will immerse yourself in the experience of making art.

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Creativity Session

Every child is born with creative potential, but this potential may be stifled if child care providers and parents are not careful to nurture and stimulate creativity. Creativity shows one’s uniqueness.

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    Manglesii Early Learning

    Manglesii Early Learning Center ensures your child’s first journey goes smoothly. We would even like to invite both of you, husband and wife, to tour our lovely child care facility before making any decisions. Look no further than us if you are looking for child care near me on your mobile. Feel free to contact us for more information.