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Make your child outperform others with the assistance of out of hours school care

If your child is about to start school next year or has just started, choosing out of school hours care that ensures education and care for children outside of regular school hours during non-school days and before or after school can be critical.

At Manglesii Early Learning, we offer out of school hours care in a secure and friendly environment by professional carers to help your child take a big step with confidence. We are more committed to enhancing children’s skills in a more engaging, delightful, and inspiring environment. If you would like your children to outperform others, then opting for out of school hours care that can build a brighter future is a wise decision.

The importance of out of school hours care

  • The out of hours school care programme is designed for kids aged 5–12 years old to enhance their creativity, mental ability, and problem-solving techniques. This is immensely popular among parents because of its importance in children’s lives.
  • The greatest advantage of after-school care is that it is available on non-school days in addition to before and after school.

Benefits for your child

The benefits of providing out of school hours care for children by expert child carers in these programmes are numerous.

  • Out of school hours care activities are all fun and make kids feel relaxed after being exhausted with schooling.
  • Developing social skills, emotional skills, and how to build relationships with fellow friends and other newcomers
  • Great platform for trying new things and learning something new every day. 
  • Your child can choose from a variety of out of school hours care activities.
  • Allows children to make choices about their play in structured and unstructured environments that support their development.
  • Learning through the most innovative techniques and funny games is the most appealing way to develop an interest in studying.
  • Making children self-disciplined and self-reliant by incorporating self-help skills in the out of school hours care programme
  • Out of school hours care activities focus on building physical health while also enhancing mental health.

Advantages for you

All Australian citizens who live in Australia are allowed to get child care rebates through government child care subsidies if they meet eligibility criteria. As a result, eligible parents can lessen their financial burden on child care.

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Specialty of Manglesii Early Learning

  • All our out of school hours care activities are tailored to modern children’s preferences and interests. 
  • Manglesii Early Learning’s out of school hours care fees are fair and competitive compared to other daycare centres.
  • We value children and allow them to select the out of school hours care activities they want from a wide range of options, such as reading, sports, music, dance, drama, and so on.
  • We monitor and check the progress to ensure your child outperforms others and can compete with modern competition.

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    Manglesii Early Learning

    Manglesii Early Learning is one of the best choices for out of school hours care in Cannington. We ensure that the highest quality you obtain from us reaches world-class standards. From our several educational and other physical activities to the delicious food we serve, we ensure your child loves and is happy about their presence with us before and after school and even on non-working days of school. Feel free to contact us for further information.